5 Tricks to Keep Your Love of Cross-Country Skiing Alive

From an APU Ski Coach & Runners’ Edge Athlete Ambassador

Don’t you think February should be the theme of the whole year? The cross-country ski conditions in Alaska are prime, we start to gain sunlight, and not to mention love is in the air! If you feel the same and are looking for ways to keep your love of skiing alive throughout the season, this blog is for you. If you disagree, hear me out… I know 5 tricks that can help!

Imagine if we focused on love every day/ month as we do in February. The world would be the happiest place ever. When we use the word love, it is mostly in relation to relationships or people, but think about all of the other things you love. You must nurture relationships to keep the love alive and I think that goes hand in hand with the love we have for sports, the outdoors, reading… anything you love!

Cross-country skiing can be something I love almost more than anything, BUT it can also be the worst. You might be asking how that’s possible, but let me tell you, it is very possible. Just to name a few conditions that have made a ski session less than ideal: 

  • Being cold on a ski is miserable.
  • Being hungry when you have 10k to go, horrible.
  • Forgetting your water bottle- Yikes.
  • Skiing on ice- Not fun. 
  • Skiing with a nagging injury. No thanks.

I could go on with situations that make something I love, something I hate. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared and “nurture” the love I have for it. I do a few things to help make sure my cross-country ski days are as enjoyable as possible and I am sharing them with you today because everyone deserves a good ski day 🙂 

In case you need further proof that skiing is just the best, read more here: Blissful thoughts on winter by an APU Ski-coach, Non-profit Cofounder and Athlete Ambassador that only true Alaskans will understand.

5 tricks to keep your love of cross-country skiing alive! 

1.) Fuel your body well before skiing

It takes a ton of fuel to keep the body warm and moving!

2.) Stay well hydrated throughout the day

I make sure to drink plenty of water before I ski so I am not lagging. When I go for long skis, I am always prepared with water and a snack and make sure I have extra in the car for the drive home.

3.) Check the conditions

I always make sure I am aware of what I’m getting myself into (it’s Alaska out there!). When I say that I mean, I have the proper gear and equipment, and might even change locations if one place is better than the other.

4.) Wear the right layers

I wear sweat-wicking and breathable clothing when I ski. The layering game can be one of trial and error in Alaska. Just remember, it’s always better to take off layers than to not have enough. 

5.) Rest smart

Knowing when to rest is SO important. If I do not allow my body the chance to repair, I’ll end up feeling tired and sluggish when I ski no matter how badly I want to be out there. With proper rest, I know I will be fully prepared for my next training session and be able to give it my all! One thing that helps me recover quicker is a sports massage at Runners’ Edge. I make sure to factor these into my training schedule so I am feeling and skiing my best! Read more about sports massages HERE!

Now go get out there and nurture what you love the right way! Hope to see you out on the cross-country ski trails!

By Kaylee Wilcox

APU Cross-Country Ski Coach, Co-founder of the non-profit, the Comfort Zone, And Athlete Ambassador for Runners’ Edge

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