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5 Questions to Ask Before Transitioning from Skiing to Running

Here at Runners’ Edge Alaska, we see a LOT of injuries during the spring when athletes make the switch from skiing to running. Before transitioning from cross country skiing to running, it’s important to consider a few key factors to prevent injury. Here are 5 questions you may want to ask yourself:

Am I physically prepared for the impact of running?

trail runner

Running places more stress on your joints and muscles than cross country skiing, so it’s important to ensure that your body is ready for this increased impact. Have you been doing any other types of exercise or training that involve running or high-impact movements? Are you currently experiencing any injuries or pain that could be exacerbated by running?

Do I have the proper footwear?

different types of running shoes

Proper running shoes can help absorb shock and support your feet and ankles, which is especially important when you’re transitioning from a low-impact sport like cross country skiing. Have you been fitted for the right type of running shoe for your foot and gait? 

Have I developed a proper training plan?

running training plan

Gradual progression is key when transitioning to a new sport, as it allows your body to adapt to the new demands being placed on it. Have you developed a training plan that gradually increases the frequency, duration, and intensity of your runs? Have you incorporated rest and recovery days into your plan?

Am I paying attention to my form?

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Proper form can help reduce your risk of injury when running. Are you keeping your shoulders relaxed and your arms and hands in a natural position? Are you landing on the middle of your foot or the ball of your foot, rather than your heel?

Am I listening to my body?

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It’s important to pay attention to any signs of pain or discomfort when transitioning to running. Are you taking breaks when you need them? Are you scaling back your training if you start to feel any pain or discomfort? Are you seeking medical advice if necessary?

By considering these questions and taking steps to prepare your body for the demands of running, you can help reduce your risk of injury and enjoy a smooth transition from cross country skiing to running.

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