6-Pack Program for Runners

We are taking our popular 6-Pack Strength and Conditioning Program to a whole new level. This one of a kind program is FOR RUNNERS by RUNNERS. Designed to help you run faster, further, and STRONGER.

Studies show that optimal strength is gained through at least 6-weeks of specific exercise and strength training. The package contains 6 in-person sessions with a running specialist PT and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a running analysis, a footwear assessment, a personalized online home workout program, and so much more! You will gain strength, learn how to decrease the risk of injury, and become a more empowered runner.

This Program Is For You If:

  • You are an endurance junkie who puts strength training on the back burner
  • You are not quite sure how to incorporate strength training into your mileage plan or what specific exercises you should be doing to improve your running
  • You want to enjoy running more and/or even break a few PRs this season!
  • You are a runner who constantly gets injured and you’re ready to do something about it 
  • You are new to running and are not sure what you need to do
  • You want to improve your running gait and overall running economy
  • You are a female athlete and want to learn how to train around your menstrual cycle (timing matters!) or through menopause/peri-menopause
  • You are ready to work hard… and have fun doing it! 

What's included?

1x 60-min Programming Session:  At your 1st session, you will meet with your PT to set up your program! We will discuss your current running plan, goals, equipment available to you, relevant health and injury history, and exercise form and technique. In addition to the above,  you will also get:

  • Running Gait Analysis: Through an in-depth running analysis, we will identify imbalances and areas of improvement in your running form.
  • Footwear Assessment: Learn what type of running shoe you should be wearing for your running style and to minimize injury risk.

Personalized-Running-Specific Home Exercise Program:  Your PT will walk you through how to navigate our online running-specific strength training platform. You will leave with a 100% customized home exercise program that will work in tandem with your current mileage plan. Exercises are strategically prescribed to help you become a better runner. Also included: 

  • Nutrition Guidance: Our specialists will provide general nutrition guidance for strength and endurance training.
  • Exercise Accountability: You will have access to an exercise tracker to help you stay on track (and your PT will hold you accountable 🙂
  • Communication with your PT throughout the program: Send messages to your PT directly through our secure portal.

5x 30-min Follow-ups: In addition to your online workout program, you will also meet with your PT in person (or virtually) 5x. These sessions are opportunities to fine-tune your program. We will check on your form and adjust your program as needed to safely progress your exercises so you continue to improve.

  • One-on-one with a Female Athlete Specialist: Strength training does not look the same for males and females. When requested, you will have the ability to work with our Female Athlete Specialist PT to learn how to train effectively throughout your menstrual cycle or as you transition through peri-menopause/menopause. 
Unlimited Access to our NormaTec Recovery Room: Throughout your 6-Pack, you will have access to our professional NormaTec compression therapy units so you can recover quicker and continue getting the most out of your training! Be sure to schedule these 30-minute appointments after your long runs, a hard workout or training run. Your body will thank you! 

Learn more about our Normatec Recovery Room HERE

*Virtual and Mobile appointment options are available by request*

*This program is specifically designed for YOU and you can do it anywhere!

Space is limited on a rolling basis so our specialist can give personalized attention to each client throughout the program. Contact us today to sign-up!

*Please note:

  • This is not a running training plan for mileage, however, we will design your strength workouts to coincide with your current mileage plan.
  • We are happy to connect with your running coach to make the best program possible for you to reach your goals.
  • This is a prescribed but unsupervised exercise program. Not intended to replace physical therapy and is not intended for people who need supervision while performing exercises.
  • You are exercising at your own risk. Please let us know if something does not feel right, is too painful, or if you have difficulties performing the given exercises. We are here to help you. 
  • Most insurance companies will not reimburse services that do not meet requirements for medical necessity. Please check with your insurance company on your plan’s requirements for reimbursement.

Unsure if this strength training program is right for you? Click HERE to schedule a FREE discovery visit! 

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Runners' Edge Alaska in Anchorage, AK...

| Patti C.

“I originally reached out to Runners Edge Alaska because of an ankle injury I sustained during marathon training. Zuzana and Natalie are both knowledgeable and easy to work with. With their encouragement and expertise, I overcame my injury and completed that marathon. I am now working on a 4-week strength training program with Natalie. She customizes workouts to each individual’s needs and goals. I enjoy the demonstration videos that Natalie provides for each exercise. I have new confidence in the gym that I had not possessed before.”

| Kayla M.

“Absolutely ELITE Physical Therapy! I worked with Natalie Snyder after sustaining a running injury earlier this year. With just 6 weeks of targeted, recovery exercises and form correction, I was back on my feet pain-free! The results surpassed my every expectation. I opted to continue working with Natalie to prevent future injury, enrolling in a specialized, [6-Pack] intensive strength and fitness program. Natalie built a training program to fit my lifestyle, mindful of my individual schedule, with flexibility to fine-tune and make adjustments weekly.

Every fitness activity includes video instructions, with detailed coaching on technique by Natalie herself. In addition to the high-caliber training plan, Natalie includes nutrition and hydration goals, offers insight into effects of hormones on fitness, and emphasizes the ‘intangibles’ in overall wellness. 

Her knowledge, education, experience and passion for helping others makes her hands down one of the BEST in the field. Runner’s Edge also adapted well to constraints imposed by the pandemic. Their mobile and virtual services are extremely convenient, delivering the same quality and caliber as in-person meetings. The exceptionally talented staff make Runner’s Edge a standout for PT in Anchorage, and a life-changing experience”

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