Meet our Athlete Ambassadors!

Athlete Ambassadors are leaders in the community who embody Runners’ Edge Alaska’s Core Values. They are not only an extension of our brand; they’re a part of our family, and naturals at making connections and sparking inspiration among our clients and active community. Our objective is to ensure that our Athlete Ambassadors are operating at their peak, feeling their best, and offering support as they pursue their ambitions and strive to achieve their goals.

Get to know our awesome Athlete Ambassadors below!



Miron Golfman is best known for his ultra cycling achievements,  including 1st place in the 2023 Colorado Trail Race, securing the Baja Divide FKT (Fastest Known Time), and being crowned the Iditarod Trail Invitational 2023 Champion and Southern Route Record Holder. Through his project “Ride To Endure,” he rides and raises funds for ALS Association (raising over $50k last year!). Miron’s dedication to both his sport and making a positive impact in the world is truly inspiring. Miron is all about embracing that “type 2 fun” life and rolling up his sleeves to make things better. We are proud to have Miron on our Ambassador Team and to continue supporting him in all his endevors.


Galen is all about finding adventure in the mountains, whether it be in running shoes or on skis. Originally from New Mexico, he’s found his groove up here in AK, diving head first into trail/ultra running, nordic and backcountry shenanigans.

Galen’s been crushing the race scene, tackling everything from the Breakneck Point Trail Marathon to Mount Marathon, Bird Ridge, Crow Pass, Cirque Series, the Rut 50k, and the UTMB Puerto Vallarta 100K!

His favorite part about running? The community and friends he has made through the sport. In fact, he is even on the board of Alaska Mountain Runners! 

It’s our honor to be able to help Galen continue doing what he loves as he inspires so many around him to do the same.


Sadie is an incredible athlete and all around awesome person. During her 10-year professional cross country ski career, she became the first American woman to wear the World Cup overall leader’s yellow jersey, brought home 11 World Championship medals, and stood on the Olympic stage 2x as part of Team USA. 

Although Sadie has retired from skiing, it is still a huge part of her life. She is an advocate for the growth of the sport and is highly involved with the APU Nordic Ski Team development and Healthy Futures AK– organizations that support young athletes to go after their dreams. 

Sadie’s infectious positivity, unwavering determination, work ethic, and genuine humility light up the room. Her journey, on and off the corduroy, is an inspiration and we are grateful to have her on our Ambassador Team.


Taylor Turney, is our OG Athlete Ambassador! He has been an integral part of our team since day one. As a lifelong Alaskan, Taylor knows his way around (especially down) mountains. You may recognize him from race podiums, as a running coach and firefighter, or from his days as an Athlete on UAA’s Track and Field team and for Team USA’s Spartan Racing Team

As the Mount Marathon Downhill Record Holder (9:54!) and a Spartan Ultra Champion, Taylor’s accomplishments speak volumes about his athleticism. Mountain running holds a special place in his heart but he will admit, it’s the running community that makes the sport so special. 

We are always impressed by Taylor. Not only regarding his athletic records but also his unique approach to balancing training, work, and family time. One of Taylor’s secrets is to train with his kids! He carries them up mountains and pulls them on bikes for added weight and resistance. It’s a joy helping Taylor feel his best so he can continue being such a great a role model for his kids and fellow mountain runners. 


We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Klaire Rhodes on our Ambassador Team. She’s not just a fast runner, she’s also an all-round incredible person and her journey to get to where she is now is truly inspiring. She really didn’t get serious about running until 2018 when she got bit by the bug at Mount Marathon. Now, she is breaking records, winning big races (hello, Moab Trail Marathon!) and even repping Team USA at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships in Austria this year!

Running is Klaire’s passion– trails, mountains, roads, you name it. When she’s not running herself, she is helping others crush their goals as a running coach and owner of Chugach Coaching Co. Her goal as a coach is to help others enjoy the training process and simply have fun running! 

It’s an honor being able to help Klaire feel her best and watch her crush her goals. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for her! 


Gus Schumacher, is an elite level athlete (make that Olympic level!) cross country skier representing Team USA. Still in his early 20s, Gus has already left an indelible mark on the skiing world. Notably, he became the first American to bring home a gold medal in an individual race at the Junior World Ski Championships in 2020. We love helping Gus feel his best before big events and training including the Cross Country Skiing World Cup and Olympics.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Gus is also committed to making a positive impact on the environment. He actively participates in Protect Our Winters, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change and protecting the winter sports that he loves so much. Gus has taken his passion for the environment to the nation’s capital, lobbying for change and raising awareness about the urgent need to address climate issues. Gus is also supports The National Nordic Foundation, an organization that helps fund crucial opportunities for young skiers to compete and the sport’s highest level. 

We know this is only the beginning for Gus and are thrilled to have him on the Ambassador team. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for him!



Samantha “Sam” Simpson is passionate about running and living life to it’s fullest. What we admire about Sam is her dedication and determination to reach her goals, but more so, the unwavering support she provides to her fellow runners. Sam is down-to-earth, humble, and she’ll be your #1 cheerleader at every race! Running might have come to her a bit later in life, but it’s her jam now! (Although, give her some weights or hockey gear, and she’s all in too.) 

One thing Sam loves just as much as running, is running with her buddies. Sam shares her passion for the sport as a member of the RADrabit (Runners and Dreamers) team, a group that represent a diverse global crew “unified by their shared love for running, fostering a sense of community and inspiration through the sport.

Her path in running has been a game-changer to her overall health and happiness. Sam’s continued commitment to making a difference in the active community in Anchorage is truly remarkable. We are honored to have Sam as a member of our Ambassador team!