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Runners Edge Anchorage, AK

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6-Week Challenges

Did you know that it typically takes around six weeks to noticeably boost sport-specific strength and create lasting improvements? Introducing our 6-Week Athlete Evolution Series, tailored to help individuals of all activity levels tap into their full athletic potential. Led by certified physical therapists and experienced strength and conditioning specialists, each session is crafted to build upon the last, emphasizing performance enhancement and injury prevention. Explore various facets of athleticism such as strength, endurance, agility, and more, while gaining valuable insights and knowledge. Our approach is holistic, geared towards fostering long-term improvement and leaving you feeling stronger, fitter, and more resilient, whether you consider yourself an athlete or simply someone striving for an active lifestyle. Plus, beyond the series, we provide education and tools so you can continue progressing towards your goals independently.

Total Athlete Drop-In Classes

Join us for Total Athlete Drop-In Classes, where every session is an opportunity to boost your fitness and performance. Led by our experienced team of physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists, these dynamic workouts cater to athletes of all levels and ages. Whether you’re looking to maintain peak condition, improve athleticism, or simply enjoy a challenging workout, our evergreen classes offer flexibility and variety. With a focus on functional movements and personalized attention, each class promises to challenge and inspire you on your journey to becoming your best athletic self.
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Private Groups and Teams

Looking to elevate your group or team’s performance? Look no further! Our tailored services cater to private groups and teams, offering custom training programs and educational workshops designed to meet your specific goals. Whether it’s a one-time workshop or a comprehensive training series, our team of expert physical therapists are here to support you every step of the way. We’ve worked with a variety of groups with unique focuses. For example, we’ve collaborated with club volleyball and soccer teams to enhance sport performance and prevent ACL injuries, provided pre-season training and shin splint injury prevention for high shchool track & field teams, and specialzed in unique focuses such as exercise and bone health for peri/pre-menopausal women, hip and core conditioning for mom friends, and downhill ski prep training for Alyeska ski buddies. Let’s work together to take your group or team to the next level!

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Workshops & Events

Join us for upcoming workshops and events at Runners’ Edge Alaska or catch us out in the community!

Ask us about setting up a custom training program or educational workshop for your group/ team. Email to inquire about setting this up for your group/team!