Dryland Training For Triathletes & Swimmers
Enhance Your Swim Performance

Dive into our 6-week Dryland Training program tailored specifically for triathletes and swimmers, with a primary focus on elevating your swim performance to new heights. Led by sports physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist (who is a swimmer and iron man finisher!), Morgan Lash, PT, DPT, CSCS, this specialized class is designed to strengthen your swim-specific muscles, improve endurance, and refine technique, giving you the competitive edge you need in the water.

Dryland Training For Triathletes & Swimmers Runners Edge Physio

Class Details:

Start Date: April 3rd

End Date: May 8th

*Make-Up Session: May 15th

(For Those Unable To Attend All 6 Sessions)

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 6-7pm

Location: Runners’ Edge Alaska

Group Size: Limited to 8 participants

Why Dryland Training Matters for Triathletes and Swimmers:

Dryland training is essential for triathletes and swimmers alike, providing a crucial opportunity to enhance swim performance, build strength, and prevent injuries.  With our focused approach, you’ll not only improve your swim times but also lay a foundation for success in future races. If you want to be a better swimmer, dryland training is for you! Learn more about the crucial role of dryland training for swimmers and triathletes HERE.

Class Focus:

In our 6-week program, we prioritize enhancing swim performance through targeted dryland exercises. From swim-specific strength training to technique drills and endurance-building workouts, each session is meticulously crafted to optimize your time in the water and propel you towards your swimming goals.

Who Should Join:

  • Triathletes and swimmers looking to enhance swim performance.
  • Athletes seeking to prevent injuries and improve core and upperbody strength, specifically for swimming.
  • Individuals aiming to refine swim technique and boost endurance.
  • Participants must have basic proficiency in swimming.

What to Expect:

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in a variety of exercises and drills tailored to enhance swim performance, core and upperbody strength, refine technique, and build endurance. Led by a certified strength and conditioning specialist, sports physical therapist, and experienced triathlete (and ironman finisher!), each session provides expert guidance to help you reach your full potential in the water.


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  • Unlimited Normatec compression therapy sessions to optimize your recovery game throughout the training period.
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