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How to prepare for 1000 KM in 4 Steps (not literally :P)

How to Prepare for 1000KM in 4 Steps (not literally :P)

1000KM sounds daunting for many, but not for Runners’ Edge Athlete Ambassador, Kaylee Wilcox! When tasked with a big event, the best thing she can think to do is break it down into smaller steps. Read more to find out these 4 steps to prepare for a 1000km journey! 

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For almost 6 months now, my partner, Savannah (from The Comfort Zoneand I have been training for the Therapeuo Thousand, a 1000km cycling challenge to raise funds for victims of childhood sexual assault. 

Therapeuo: to serve; to heal; to restore. 

Therapeuo is a Greek word that we felt represented our journey in helping these survivors. 100% of the funds we raise throughout the journey will go to U Grow Girl, an amazing organization that will put on a Time to Heal retreat for survivors.

Training for such an intense endurance challenge has been very different than other training I have done. With the help of my Physical Therapist, Natalie Snyder, I’ve been able to create a solid plan to make sure I’m fully prepared.

4 steps to prepare for a 1000km journey

1.) Strength Training: Making sure that I have proper strength, not only in the legs, but through my core, back, and areas that can be neglected when training gets specific. I have focused a lot on my core. Trunk strength is huge in cycling, but something you may not consider an important part of cycling.

2.) Rehabbing Properly: I had some back issues prior to training so continuing to stay on top on my back and other things that have popped up have been huge to make sure I can keep excelling in my training.

3.) Nutrition/Hydration: As a coach on top of training, I am exercising multiple hours a day, so making sure I’m taking care of my body and fueling it properly has been huge for my energy levels in my training sessions.

4.) My Sit Bones (lol): But really. Literally just sitting on a bike is SO important for this challenge. The first bike of the season always leaves you sore, imagine biking 150 miles back-to-back for 7 days… Yeah. Ouch. Getting my sit bones ready to go is going to be a big focus for the next few weeks, until the challenge!

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Kaylee working hard at her PT session with Natalie in preparation for her 1000km event! 

By Kaylee Wilcox

APU Cross-Country Ski Coach, Co-founder of the non-profit, the Comfort Zone, And Athlete Ambassador for Runners’ Edge


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