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Runners' Edge Alaska FAQ's

Runners’ Edge Alaska is currently in-network with Aetna. 

For all other insurance companies, we will provide you with everything you need to submit your claims yourself (please note, the service will go towards your out-of-network benefits). 

You can easily determine your out of network insurance benefits by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. Oftentimes, your insurance company will reimburse you for some if not all of your physical therapy care, especially if you have a PPO plan or Health Savings Account (HSA). Following each appointment, will gladly give you an itemized receipt with all of the information needed to get reimbursed.

To help demystify this process and to help you obtain all the information needed for reimbursement, please see this simple worksheet.

How to get reimbursed for your Out of Network Physical Therapy visit? STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS

Runners’ Edge Alaska will provide a Superbill to you after you pay for your PT visit. The Superbill will have all information that you will need to submit your claim. Only PT visits (no Wellness) can get reimbursed.

The App Reimbursify is a great, step by step way to file and manage your claims, so you don’t have to remember what you did and how you did it. It works very well with out of network providers, such as Runners’ Edge Alaska. 

  1. Visit https://reimbursify.com/individual-page/

You can work from your desktop or download it into your mobile device. This is free!

  1. Register yourself and your family.
  2. Find your provider (Your therapist at Runners’ Edge Alaska)
  3. File Claim (takes less than a minute). The app will walk you through what information they need. Reimbursify will charge you a small fee (less than $2.00) 
  4. Get reimbursed. The app will alert you when the claim has been received by your insurance company and then again when you should expect your reimbursement check in the mail, usually within 2-4 weeks. Nothing to mail out, no forms to fill!

Note: if a claim get rejected for any reason, we will work with Reimbursify to find a solution and get you reimbursed! Runners’ Edge Alaska will provide a Superbill to you after you pay for your PT visit. The Superbill will have all information that you will need to submit your claim. Only PT visits (no Wellness) can get reimbursed.

The traditional insurance model prevents us from treating you in the best possible manner. We feel that you deserve more than this and we want to be in the best position to deliver unmatched care in a personalized manner.

Ultimately, it will lead to less visits, better outcomes, and reduced spending on co-pays and unnecessary visits. Whereas most PT clinics see clients 2 to 3 times per week, we usually see you 1 time per week and make it a point to ensure that you are staying on track outside of PT by giving you the necessary resources to learn how to manage your situation with confidence and autonomy.

Our PTs are athletes themselves and have an array of certifications making them specialists in their field of Sports Physical Therapy. It is our mission to get our clients back out doing the things they love and we will go above and beyond to help you get there!  

At this time, Runners’ Edge Alaska does not have a relationship with Medicare. Therefore, we can only provide personal training and wellness that is NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY to Medicare beneficiaries.

Yes! We believe that one person cannot provide all of the service. We believe the communication between the team that takes care of you is of the most importance. We are working with many coaches in the Anchorage area to ensure their athletes are progressing well. We don’t take you out of training, game or competition (unless absolutely necessary); we work with your coach to make it possible for you to continue training safely without losing your fitness.

Absolutely! Physical therapy is multifactorial – it can help you recover from an injury but can also help reduce the risk of injury. Physical therapists are movement specialists – we are able to evaluate the way your body moves, find “energy leaks” that alter your optimal performance or movement patterns, and strength deficits that may predispose you to an injury.

We are also able to assess your running gait, training volume, running shoes, and other equipment to make sure you are feeling and performing at your best.

Visit our Strength and Conditioning Page for more information on personalized programs & group classes! 

Yes! Please call us! Running has so many benefits to your overall health that are impossible to list. Even if your knees ache from arthritis, progressive strength training and return to running can ease the pain and keep you enjoying it!

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