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Our mission is to offer hassle-free, easy access to premium sports physical therapy services, "Empowering all active Alaskans to return to the activities they love safely and efficiently… for life!"

At Runners’ Edge, we work as a team. Each team player has roles, but we are here to help each other succeed and work together to provide the highest level of care possible to our clients. We strive to grow as individuals as well as a company. And that is what sets us apart from other clinics. This is us!

Zuzana Rogers

Clinical Director, Zuzana Rogers, PT, ScD, SCS, COMT

Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist
Certified in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
Zuzana Rogers is known for her expertise in the field of sports physical therapy, with a focus on treating running and cross-country skiing related injuries. With an impressive 20-year career and over 40,000 physical therapy consultations, Zuzana has solidified her reputation as a leading authority in her field. Her extensive qualifications and accomplishments showcase her dedication to advancing sports physical therapy and injury prevention.

Zuzana holds a Doctor of Science degree with a specialization in injury prevention in adolescent athletes, a testament to her commitment to keeping young athletes safe and active. She is also Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy, a recognition of her exceptional knowledge and expertise in sports-related injuries and treatments.

Furthermore, Zuzana has honed her skills through various educational endeavors, including an advanced Diploma in Sports Physical Therapy from the prestigious International Olympic Committee (IOC) and manual therapy certification from International Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IAOM-US). This training has allowed her to contribute as a master clinician in orthopedic manual therapy and sports, elevating her ability to provide effective treatments.

Zuzana is the owner of Runners’ Edge Alaska, a specialized sports physical therapy clinic in Anchorage, Alaska. The goal was to provide active Alaskans with high level care that they deserve, that is hassle free and immediately available. Her clinic is at the forefront of using cutting-edge techniques in running and endurance sports physical therapy to help Alaskans return to the activities they love, such as running, skiing, and hiking. Zuzana’s clientele ranges from elite and Olympic level athletes to recreational sports enthusiasts.

Beyond her clinic, Zuzana shares her expertise with the US National Cross-Country Ski Team as a consultant and volunteer. She has covered 2 Winter Olympic Games, covered multiple Nordic Ski World Championships. Her involvement has contributed to the team’s success in achieving Olympic and World Championship medals and performing well in numerous Nordic Ski World Cups. She also lends her valuable insights to local Alpine Ski teams, Running clubs, and Triathlon clubs.

An enthusiastic educator, Zuzana has delivered lectures at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, focusing on Training and recovery strategies for Olympic Cross-Country Skiers. Her presentations on injury prevention and return to sports in endurance sports have made a significant impact on the sports community. Zuzana’s particular passion lies in the prevention and treatment of tendon injuries, bone stress injuries, foot and ankle injuries, and knee ligament injuries (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL).

Apart from her professional achievements, Zuzana has an impressive sporting background, having competed in Alpine skiing at the highest level for 15 years, including 5 years with the Czechoslovakian and Slovakian National Teams. Her multiple Czechoslovakian and Slovakian Championship titles in Alpine skiing, along with her collection of World Cup points, speak volumes about her dedication and skill in the sport.

Zuzana’s love for running, skiing, and the great Alaskan outdoors is evident in her commitment to her community. Her guiding philosophy, embodied in Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s quote “One of the great challenges in this world is knowing enough about a subject to think you are right, but not enough about the subject to know you are wrong”, fuels her desire for lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

In conclusion, Zuzana is undeniably an expert in sports physical therapy, and her numerous achievements, qualifications, and passion for helping athletes make her a respected and trusted figure in her field. Her expertise in treating running and ski-related injuries, combined with her exceptional sporting background, positions her as a sought-after professional in the sports community.


  • Runners’ Edge Alaska, Clinical Director of Physical Therapy (2019- present)
  • Advanced Physical Therapy, Anchorage, Alaska (2003-2019)
  • Volunteer Physical Therapist, U.S. Cross-Country Ski Team (2013-present), covers Cross Country Ski World Cup races, World Championships and Winter Olympics. (Read more- HERE)


  • Third World Congress in Sports Physical Therapy, Vancouver BC, Abstract reviews (October 2019)
  • International Olympic Committee Sports Physio Diploma Program (October 2015- May 2017)
  • World Congress on Injury and Illness Prevention in Sports, Monaco (April 2014, 2017)
  • ScD in Physical Therapy, Texas Tech University. Focus: Teaching. Dissertation: Lower Kinetic Chain Injury Prevention in Adolescent Athletes (May 2013)
  • International Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IAOM-US) continuing education courses in the Spine and Extremities (2003-present)
  • Masters in Physical Therapy, University of Washington, Seattle (December 2003)
  • BS in Natural Sciences, University of Alaska, Anchorage (May 1999)


  • ‘Year-Round Physical Therapy Care for the Elite Cross Country Ski Athlete’ IOC Workshop, Winter Olympic Games, PyeongCheng, South Korea (February 16th, 2018)
  • ‘Lower Kinetic Chain Injury Prevention in Adolescent Athletes: A Continuing Education Course for Practicing Clinicians’, 2 day course
  • Advanced Physical Therapy, Anchorage, AK (Dec 7-8, 2012)
  • Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX (June 29-30, 2013)
  •  Injury prevention workshops, Fast and Female. Anchorage AK (2012 – present)
  • Multiple workshops regarding Injury Prevention, Return to Sports, Adolescent Athletes

Academic Consulting/Mentoring Positions

  • Clinical instructor, American Physical Therapy Association
  • University of Washington School of Medicine/ WWAMI Program: Chronic Pain clinical rotation mentor
  • University of Alaska, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
  • Service High School Biomedical Program
  • West High School Highly Gifted Program

Clubs And Organizations Worked With

U.S. Cross-Country Ski Team:
Events covered:

  • World Nordic Ski Championship, Seefeld, Austria (February 2019)
  • Winter Olympic Games, PyeongChang, South Korea (February 2018)
  • World Nordic Ski Championship, Falun Sveden (2015), Lahti Finland (2017)
  • Cross-Country Ski World Cup (2014-2019)
  • NAWTA Camp, Anchorage, AK (July 2013, 2014)
  • Altitude training camp, Park City, UT (October 2013-2017)

Alaska Dance Theatre (2006-present), Consulting Physical Therapist
Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Team (2010-present), Consulting Physical Therapist
Alyeska Ski and Snowboard Club, Alaska (2000-present), Consulting Physical Therapist, Director, Developmental Ski Program (2003-05), Junior Ski Coach (2000-2001)
Alaska Rock Gym, Consulting Physical Therapist
Fast and Female (2013-present)
Healthy Athletes, Alaska (2000-2003)

Main Areas Of Expertise

  • Sports injury prevention, Lower Kinetic Chain, Adolescent Athletes
  • Sports rehabilitation, return to play
  • Master athlete
  • Running medicine
  • Post race/exercise recovery
  • Manual therapy management of non-operative orthopedic conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Trigger point dry needling
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training

Achievements And Awards

  • Alaska’s Top 40 Under 40 in business and community outreach (2013)
  • University of Alaska Sports Hall of Fame (2011)
  • Alaska’s  ‘NCAA Woman of the Year’ (1998)
  • ‘Athlete of the Year’, University of Alaska, Anchorage (1998)
  • Alpine Ski Scholarship, University of Alaska, Anchorage (1994-1999)
  • ‘NCAA All-American’ in Alpine Skiing (1995, 1997, 1998)
  • National Alpine Ski Champion of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia (1989-1993)
  • Member of the Czechoslovak and Slovak National Ski Team, World Cup and Europa Cup experience (1989-1992)

Professional Memberships And Certifications

  • Alaska and Utah licensed Physical Therapist
  • Certified Blood Flow Restriction Training provider through Owens Recovery Science
  • Certification of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) of the Spine (2005) and Extremities (2009) through International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM-US), focus on diagnosis specific orthopedic management
  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Sports Section of the APTA, and the Alaska Chapter of the APTA (October 2001-present)
  • Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist (Since 2016)
  • International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (2016 – present)
  • American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy (AASPT)

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Slovak
  • Czech
  • Russian


Skiing, hiking, kayaking, biking, running
WhittierLKBurgon 27 scaled

Trevor Staples, PT, DPT, CSCS

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

As a Physical Therapist, my goal is to support, educate, and empower you to manage your injury with confidence and independence. Coming back from an injury is physically and emotionally challenging with plenty of bumps in the road, and you need someone that understands your life, and your previous experience. You can expect to be listened to, and heard, when you work with me regardless of your goals. I hope to get to know YOU, and then get out of your way and provide you with the tools to come back stronger. I am excited to join Runners’ Edge Alaska, because we can give our full time and attention to you, and we collaborate often to maximize your potential.  

I am passionate about helping individuals to understand their injury, and find actionable ways to get them back to the top of their game. Whether an old injury is keeping you from training at your fullest, or you are experiencing something new you don’t fully understand. I believe we can make sense of your injury together, measure the important variables, and make goals to get you pack competing at your best. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I can help bridge the gap between rehabilitating your injury and beginning to achieve optimal performance. As someone who routinely participates in weightlifting, mountain running, nordic skiing, and hiking, I know the importance of keeping you training and moving toward your goals.

  • Runners’ Edge Alaska (2022-Present)
  • Rebound Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy (2021-2022)
  • Prior Clinical affiliations at the VA Hospital, and within the University of Utah Health system in both acute/inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient orthopedic settings.
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Utah (2021)
  • Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology, University of Utah (2017)
Publications and Presentations
  • Improving Education and Doing Right by Patients: The Role of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Student Run Free Clinics and Recommendations for Implementation. Journal of Student-Run Clinics. (2022)
  • Development and Evaluation of a Novel Patient-Reported Outcome Implementation Process in a Student-Led Pro Bono Clinic: Acceptability and Adoption. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. (2021)
  • Emphasizing One Leg Facilitates Single-Leg Training Using Standard Cycling Equipment. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport (2019)
  • Formally presented original research at several academic conferences including the International/American Society of Biomechanics, APTA Combined Sections Meeting, and ISOQOL Conference
Professional Memberships and Certifications
  • Alaska Licensed Physical Therapist
  • American Physical Therapy Association: Sports and Orthopedic Sections (2018-Present)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (2022-Present)
Areas of Expertise
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Lower Extremity Injury (Bone stress injury, tendinopathy, muscle strains)
  • Post-operative lower extremity injury (Includes but not limited to, ACL repair, achilles tendon repair, meniscectomy/repair, FAI, total joints, lower extremity fractures)
  • Shoulder injury and return to performance
  • Return-to-sport, upper and lower extremity
  • Youth Athletes
  • Master Athletes
  • Strength Athletes
Morgan Lash PT DPT CSCS Runners Edge Physio Anchorage Alaska

Morgan Lash, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
For as long as I can remember, my life was sport. I had a simple plan—receive a full ride scholarship to a Division 1 Pac-12 University and become a professional athlete. I had no back-up plan. My whole identity was entangled in something entirely temporary—athletics.

Growing up, I was a multi-sport athlete. I could never pick just one sport—what fun would that be? My parents were both Division 1 swimmers, so naturally I found myself in the pool. I watched my older sister play soccer, in which I had to try it out to see what I was missing. I then began shooting baskets in my driveway which sparked a love for basketball. Throw a little karate, cross country running, volleyball, and track in there and you’ve got a good look at my childhood. Needless to say, I loved everything about sport—the adrenaline, the intensity, the competition, and the satisfaction of winning.

Here’s the problem with placing your identity in something with an expiration date—when the championship titles cease and your body encounters injury, you feel lost and alone. This would eventually be my story.

It was my senior year of high school that I decided I wanted to pursue running in college. I had spoken with many Division 1 programs, but it was Washington State University and University of Arizona that had my heart. The coaches at both of those programs told me the times I needed in the upcoming track season to gain a full scholarship. Though I had never put in a track season due to the conflicting soccer season, there was nothing that would prevent me from achieving those times. I put blood, sweat, and many tears into that senior season, and with the help of family, friends, and coaches, I accomplished my goal in the very last meet. That same night, I called the Washington State University cross country/track coach and realized half of my childhood dream. Phase one of becoming a Division 1 Pac-12 athlete was complete—phase two, go professional.

Fast forward to freshman year of college—two foot fractures. Sophomore year—two foot fractures. Junior year—one surgery with a nine-month recovery timeline. Senior year—one foot fracture and one surgery. For those wondering, that would be 40 weeks total in a walking boot and 18 weeks on crutches. I was told I would never run more than an occasional 5km, and never go on to fulfill my top bucket list item, which was completing an Ironman Triathlon.

My identity was absolutely stripped, and I had no idea what to do next. I remember thinking, “why me?” I had worked towards this dream for eighteen years of my life for injury to be my college athletic story? At the time I was pursuing a degree in English Education, and it was the physical therapist at WSU who encouraged me to use my story as a means for inspiration to others. I took his advice and impulsively changed my career path to physical therapy. I enrolled in all the pre-requisites for PT school, found shadow hours, and completed the application process in eighteen short months. I altered my role on the cross country team from point scorer to motivator, counselor, and living example of what it means to persevere. Funny thing is—the year I received team MVP, I never ran a single race.

Throughout my physical therapy school journey, I have made it a priority to dive headfirst into all things sport rehab. I had the pleasure of returning to the Washington State University athletics department for a clinical rotation where I worked under the physical therapist that inspired me to enter the profession. I participated in game coverage with the men’s basketball team where I learned valuable athletic training skills. I then moved to New Orleans for a sports rotation where I worked with a variety of sport specialists partnering with local high schools, universities, and professional sports teams. Oh—and I completed an Ironman Triathlon along the way.

I have a passion for high school/college athletes in pursuit of excellence. Athletes that aspire to be great and use their temporary hurdle as fuel to become better, faster, and stronger. I am confident I will be able to use my clinical skill set to aide in recovery as well as help you mentally persevere through what seems to be the hardest thing in your life—injury.  I have experience working with high school athletes, college athletes of all divisions, as well as some professional athletes. I am excited to be a small part in your great success story—remember one thing: you don’t need easy, you just need possible.


  • Runners’ Edge Alaska (2023-Present)
  • Clinical affiliation at Alaska Regional Hospital—Acute Care—Anchorage, AK (May-July 2023)
  • Clinical affiliation at Ochsner Therapy and Wellness—Sports Rehabilitation—New Orleans, LA (March-May 2023)
  • Clinical affiliation with Washington State University Athletics—Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Training—Pullman, WA (January-March 2023)
  • Clinical affiliation at Results Physiotherapy—Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation—Nashville, TN (June-August 2022)
  • Belmont University Physical Therapy Program Tutor—Nashville, TN (June 2021-December 2022)


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy—Belmont University—Nashville, TN (2023)
  • Bachelor of Arts, English—Washington State University—Pullman, WA (2020)

Professional Memberships and Certifications:

  • Alaska Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (2023-Present)
  • Dry Needling Certified (2022-Present)
  • Selective Functional Movement Analysis Certified (2022-Present)
  • ARC: Emergency Medical Response Certified (2022-Present)
  • ARC: CPR/First Aid Certified (2020-Present)
  • ITPT: ImPact Concussion Trained and Certified (2022-Present)
  • American Physical Therapy Association Member (2020-Present)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Contact sport injury prevention and rehabilitation (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.)
  • Return-to-run rehabilitation
  • Post-operative lower extremity rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Youth athletes
  • Multi-sport athletes
  • Weekend warriors
  • Elite athletes


  • Running, triathlons, basketball, soccer, spending time with family and friends
Helen Cortes pic

Helen Cortes Burns, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Prior to my career in Physical Therapy, I worked as a botanist. My career took me from Barcelona to Edinburgh, then Austin and finally to Anchorage. Following a “not so graceful” fall off my mountain bike that resulted in a broken humerus and surgery, I needed Physical Therapy to regain the full range and use of my arm. It was during this period that I realized that Physical Therapy encapsulated all the things that I was passionate about: using science and exercise to help patients safely return to (or achieve) an active and healthy lifestyle. At that point, I decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.

I enjoy working with each patient on developing the most effective rehabilitation program, placing a strong emphasis on listening to your limitations and goals, your response to care thus far, and tailoring recommendations, exercises, and manual therapy to fit your needs best. I place great value on educating patients regarding diagnosis, symptom management and appropriate activity modification and progression. 

Through my years as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I have learned that no injury can be treated in isolation of the rest of the body and that healing is a multi-factorial process (stress, sleep, nutrition, etc.). This multifaceted approach is central to the way I deliver care. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors. In addition to cross-country skiing and trail running, I love going on canoeing, skiing and backpacking trips with my husband, daughter and dog.

Employment ​

  • Ascension Physical Therapy, Anchorage, Alaska, Physical Therapist Assistant (2019- 2022)
  • Advanced Physical Therapy, Anchorage, Alaska, Physical Therapist Assistant (2016-2019)
  • Rebound Physical Therapy, Anchorage, Alaska, Physical Therapist Technician (2013-2014)
  • Alaska Natural Heritage Program (UAA), Anchorage, Alaska, Botanist (2005-2012)
  • University of Texas at Austin, Texas, Biology Teaching Assistant (2001-2005)


  • AAS (Hons) Physical Therapist Assistant (Cumulative GPA 4.00), San Juan College, Farmington, NM, 2016
  • MS (ABD) in Plant Systematics & Conservation Biology, University of Texas at Austin, TX, 2005
  • MS in Plant Biodiversity and Taxonomy, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 2000
  • BS (Hons) Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona, Spain & University of Liverpool, England, UK, 1999

Main Areas Of Expertise

  • Conservative and post-operative upper and lower-extremity rehabilitation and recovery 
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Lumbar Spine pain and movement disorders, including Scoliosis corrective exercises and strategies
  • Chronic Pain

Professional Memberships And Certifications

  • Functional Movement Screen 1, March 2018. 
  • Functional Movement Screen 2 (Corrective Strategies), July 2020.
  • Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED, February 2022.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French


  • Cross country skiing, trail running, canoeing, hiking
Sydney Bio Pic

Sydney McDonough, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Sydney found her calling as a physical therapist through personal experience in recovering from athletic injuries. She had been a patient seeking rehabilitation for multiple injuries throughout high school and college track that prevented her from competing at times. Some of these injuries pervaded the lowest moments of her life. Through consistent physical therapy, she was able to get back on the track and set multiple school records. Following college, Sydney went on to complete a triathlon sprint and a half marathon. The ability to help others get back to what they love fuels the passion for her job.
Originally from near Buffalo, NY (Go Bills), traveling the country has been Sydney’s zeal. She has worked on multiple contracts in New York, Virginia, Colorado, and South Carolina. Experiences from each of these places have facilitated her development as a physical therapist. Most recently, Sydney worked at a sports-based clinic outside of Washington D.C. with therapists who had been the lead physical therapists for the Washington Nationals baseball team. Sports-based outpatient orthopedics continues to be her passion; however, Sydney has worked in various other settings including outpatient neuro clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and schools which allows her to reach a variety of patients. Sydney is ecstatic to have found her next home in Alaska as the mountains and outdoors make her heart happy! She loves to hike, run, and ski in her free time. Beyond treating sports injuries, Sydney is certified in the McKenzie MDT treatment method for spinal injuries and is thus passionate about treating neck and back pain. Furthermore, she has recently gained a new perspective as a patient rehabilitating from surgery and other injuries due to a motor vehicle accident this past winter. She has learned that accidents and injuries happen to everyone and that the journey through recovery and future injury prevention make all of us stronger. Whatever your circumstances, Sydney looks forward to connecting with you and providing the tools to recover and grow into the best version of yourself!
Laura Bio Pic

Laura Tuttle, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

While growing up in Alaska, the opportunity to quickly fall in love with the mountains and become a multi-sport athlete became natural. First starting out as a Cross-Country Skier in high school, I noticed that consistency and hard work in the sport lead to gradual improvements. This passion in the sport and interest in exercise physiology, eventually led me to compete on the University of Vermont’s D1 Ski Team. Being able to train and balance academics was valuable in order to grow both as an athlete and as a student.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Exercise and Movement Science, my focus shifted from skiing to mountain running. During this time, competing in the Alaska Mountain Running series became a staple part of my summer schedule and led to a new interest in becoming a better endurance athlete.

I also knew from an early start that I was drawn to the Physical Therapy profession. I found its applicability to athletic performance, as well as the importance of helping others quickly recover or prevent an injury very rewarding. After volunteering and shadowing in a variety of clinical settings, I then decided to attend Physical Therapy school in the Northeast, focusing mainly on the intent of specializing in manual therapy and orthopedics.

After graduating from Physical Therapy school, I initially thought I’d return to Alaska full-time, but ended up deciding to start my career as a travel Physical Therapist. This allowed me to gain experience in both rural hospitals and private clinics around New England, which specialized in manual therapy and functional-based exercise.

While over the last several years I’ve enjoyed traveling to different areas in New England, I’ve recently shifted my focus to working in different orthopedic clinics in Utah, as well as pursuing the sport of Skimo. This last winter, I made the move to the Salt Lake area to find the perfect work-life balance, and quickly fell in love with the active community and ability to train in a beautiful place.

B.S. Exercise and Movement Science – University of Vermont, Burlington, VT (2010)

Doctor of Physical Therapy – D’Youville College, Buffalo, NY (2016)

Main Areas of Expertise

  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Sports rehabilitation, especially in running and skiing
  • Manual Therapy
  • IASTM, Cupping

Gloria Johnson

Operations Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Gloria. I am the Operations Manager here at Runners’ Edge. My role is to support our staff, clients, and athletic community. I make sure our clinic, programs, and schedules run smoothly; and most importantly, that our staff and client’s have everything they need to succeed. 

For as long as I can remember, exercise, sports, and exploring the outdoors have been central to my life. If you were born and raised in AK, we might have this in common! After spending a few years out of state for school, I came home to visit my family, fell back in love with the mountains, and haven’t left since! I am grateful for a job that combines all of my passions and educational background, while working with a stellar team for stellar clients.

When I’m not in the clinic, I’m most likely out on the trails running, hiking, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing, soaking in all that Alaska has to offer with family, friends, and my pup. Hope to see you out there!

Lily Pannkuk Client Success Coordinator Runners Edge Physio Anchorage AK 1

Lily Pannkuk

Client Success Coordinator
Clinic Assistant
Hello! My name is Emma and I am the Client Success Coordinator here at Runners’ Edge. My goal is to ensure that each client has a positive and successful experience with their physical therapy journey. I am originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but I am so grateful to be here in Alaska. I studied exercise science in college and worked as an exercise specialist and group exercise instructor before making my way here, so I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Runners’ Edge community. Outside of the clinic you can find me at the gym, walking and hiking the trails, or finding a new place to camp with my family and friends. I can’t wait to keep exploring and connect with you all along the way!

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