Mobile Physical Therapy

In-person appointments in the place of your choice.

This takes you out of the 4 walls of medical office and into the environment where you are comfortable in, whether it is your home, your gym or outside on running or ski trails. We will assess your needs and your goals into a great detail and provide a roadmap to your recovery and desired level of activity and performance.

Mobile Appointments are currently available by request only. Please call our office at 907-929-9009 to schedule a mobile appointment.

Areas Served:

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What Can You Expect? How Does The Process Work?

  1. If you are not sure if this is for you, schedule a free online or phone discovery visit. We will get to know you better (and you will get to know us better), discuss your goals, and suggest the best approach to solve your problem.
  2. Schedule a physical therapy appointment.
  3. Physical therapist will meet with you at a place of your choice (within Anchorage, Eagle River, Girdwood). He or she will take your detailed musculoskeletal and activity history, assess your mobility, movement patterns and equipment (if needed), and establish the diagnosis as well as suggest plan of care.
  4. We will suggest home care, exercises and activity progression to reach your goals as well as any interventions (manual therapy, modalities) that will be helpful to get you closer to your goals.
  5. If you wish, we will follow up with you through email, between your appointments.
  6. If you feel that you would like to save time and be seen via Telehealth, we can do that.
  7. If your physical therapist (and you) feel that you would benefit from another specialist, we will gladly make the connection and refer you.

What We Can Help You With:

  • Running injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Knee pain
  • Low back pain
  • Tendon pain
  • Foot pain
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • ACL recovery and return to sports
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Return to activity after a Total Joint Replacement
  • Prehabilitation (before a surgery)

Other Services:

Points To Note:

Please wear comfortable clothing, appropriate for your activity, weather, and environment (if outside).

Runners’ Edge Alaska is an important piece of the wholesome care of anybody who runs – whether it is a marathon or just running after your kids. The physical therapist will closely communicate with the rest of your team – the physician, coach, massage therapist, nutritionist to provide seamless care.

A Message from us at Runners’ Edge Alaska: Finding Opportunity During the Corona Virus Outbreak...

With any situation (not just global pandemics) we always have a CHOICE in the way that we react. We can hunker down and stress out about things that are completely out of our control, or we can look for opportunities that the situation creates.

The truth is that back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain don’t stop during pandemics. Rather than feed into the fear and panic created on social media and the news, we’ve chosen to adapt.

We’ve decided to help our community TAKE ADVANTAGE of the forced time at home by making our programs digital. Now is your opportunity to work directly with our specialists to create an at-home program specifically designed to keep you active, strong, and doing what you love.

Click the link below to learn more and start on your program.

Runners’ Edge Alaska is working to follow CDC guidance on protecting patients and their families against the spread of COVID19.  

We advise that if you are feeling unwell, or are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please stay home: cough, fever, sore throat, unusual muscle aches, loss of smell or taste.  Learn more about what Runner’s Edge Alaska is doing to ensure safety for in-person visits by clicking here.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Runners' Edge Alaska in Anchorage, AK...

| Frederic Wilson,

“I’ve met with Zuzana a couple of time and her attention to me and my concerns has been phenomenal. The exercise she has suggested have had a rapid impact and resulted in much improvement. I recommend Runners’ Edge highly.”

| Seth Downs,

“Zuzana diagnosed and treated what I knew to be another season ending injury with expertise and efficiency. If you are suffering from a cross country skiing injury and are seeking relief, your money will be well spent seeking out her help.”

| Shannon Brockman,

“Zuzana is a wonderful PT and has helped me work through multiple sports related injuries over the years (shoulder, feet, hips). I’d highly recommend her as a PT, especially during Covid with her attention to detail and best practices.”

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