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Personalized Strength & Conditioning Program

Our most popular program! Designed to provide the same clinical expertise and thoughtful programming you’ve come to expect at the clinic delivered in a format you can do on your own at home or at your gym!

The program includes 5 one-on-one sessions with your coach (who is a Physical Therapist AND a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist!) + 4-weeks of workouts you can do anywhere! You will gain strength, learn how to decrease risk of injury and become more empowered in your sport/activity. 

This Program Is For You If:

  • You have “graduated” from a physical therapy plan of care but know you can still improve to to get back to your activities 100% 
  • Are searching for a personalized training plan, specific to your sport/activity, your health history, and training goals
  • You prefer to workout on your own time and in your own space (at home, at your gym, or outside!) 
  • Are unsure if what you are currently doing at the gym is causing pain to get worse
  • Are new to a structured workout program and want to become more knowledgable to continue strength training on your own
  • Are a female athlete and want to learn how to train around your menstrual cycle (timing matters!)
  • You are ready to work hard… and have fun doing it! 

How Does The Process Work?

Step 1: Schedule an FREE consultation with your coach. During the call we will discuss goals, equipment available to you at your home, and any relevant health and injury history. Our specialist will get to work creating a 100% custom exercise routine specifically designed to help you feel safe and build confidence in your body’s ability to handle your favorite activities. 
Step 2: Schedule your initial in-person visit (60-minutes). These appointments are at our clinic, one-one-one with your coach. You will learn proper form and exercise technique, as well as how to use your online Personalized Strength & Conditioning Worksheets to stay on track!

Step 3: You will then have 4 virtual progress visits (best if scheduled 1 week apart) with your coach to answer all your questions, check on form, and safely progress your exercises so you can continue improving towards your goals. “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better!”  

*You will have access to communicate with your specialist throughout the program, through our secure portal.

Space is limited on a rolling basis so our specialist can give personalized attention to each client throughout the program. 

Contact us today to find out if there is an opening and when you can get started!  

*Please note: This is a prescribed but unsupervised exercise program. Not intended to replace physical therapy, not intended for people who need supervision while performing exercises. You are exercising at your own risk. Please let us know if something does not feel right, is too painful, or if you have difficulties performing given exercises. We strive to do our best to help you.

Click HERE for more information or to schedule a FREE consultation to find out if this program is right for you.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Runners' Edge Alaska in Anchorage, AK...

| Patti C.

“I originally reached out to Runners Edge Alaska because of an ankle injury I sustained during marathon training. Zuzana and Natalie are both knowledgeable and easy to work with. With their encouragement and expertise, I overcame my injury and completed that marathon. I am now working on a 4-week strength training program with Natalie. She customizes workouts to each individual’s needs and goals. I enjoy the demonstration videos that Natalie provides for each exercise. I have new confidence in the gym that I had not possessed before.”

| Kayla M.

“Absolutely ELITE Physical Therapy! I worked with Natalie Snyder after sustaining a running injury earlier this year. With just 6 weeks of targeted, recovery exercises and form correction, I was back on my feet pain-free! The results surpassed my every expectation. I opted to continue working with Natalie to prevent future injury, enrolling in a specialized, 4-week intensive strength and fitness program. Natalie built a training program to fit my lifestyle, mindful of my individual schedule, with flexibility to fine-tune and make adjustments weekly.

Every fitness activity includes video instructions, with detailed coaching on technique by Natalie herself. In addition to the high-caliber training plan, Natalie includes nutrition and hydration goals, offers insight into effects of hormones on fitness, and emphasizes the ‘intangibles’ in overall wellness. 

Her knowledge, education, experience and passion for helping others makes her hands down one of the BEST in the field. Runner’s Edge also adapted well to constraints imposed by the pandemic. Their mobile and virtual services are extremely convenient, delivering the same quality and caliber as in-person meetings. The exceptionally talented staff make Runner’s Edge a standout for PT in Anchorage, and a life-changing experience”

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