CBD to Enhance Your Active Lifestyle

Muscle MX is putting CBD on the map for performance enhancement and recovery. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant can help you feel your best before and after activity.  Our PTs recommend these products because of their simple and clean (and tested!) ingredients that can make a big difference! Here’s our favorite Muscle MX products powered by CBD to enhance your active lifestyle! 

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CBD Lotion

Moisturize, protect, repair, relieve.

The most powerful and unique lotion on the market! With pain-relieving properties of CBD and anti-microbial skin healing benefits. Contains hyaluronic acid that works to hydrate and moisturize your skin. $55

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CBD Balm 

Designed for short and long term relief from pain and inflammation while stimulating blood flow and increased mobility prior to activity. 

Activate: Great for injury prevention and giving the body an extra edge before activity. 

Recovery: Great for acute and chronic pain, impacted muscles, joints and tendon after any activity. 

Regular: $37
Mini: $19


CBD Gummies 

Bite-size and convenient all-natural CBD supplements to enhance your active lifestyle.

Energy: Avoid jitters or crashing with this powerful gummy full of B-12 and Caffeine to help supercharge your day. (25mg) $19

Relax: Whether you are active or dealing with everyday stress, this supplement promotes a positive mood, clarity, and a good night’s rest. Consists of the perfect ration of CBD, CBN, and Ashwagandha. (25mg) $19

Bliss:  The most powerful gummy (50mg)! Goodbye stress and anxiety, these are packed with the perfect state of happiness! $25

Wondering what product will be best for you (or a loved one)? Give us a call, or better yet, come by the clinic! Our PTs will listen to your needs and goals and can recommend the right product for you. 

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Sports Physical Therapy

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with pain or other conditions that you just can’t seem to find relief from. That’s why we offer physical therapy for specific conditions and pain problems to help you finally feel good again. 

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Sports Performance

Highly specialized strength and conditioning programs led by a Sports PT and Strength and Conditioning Specialist to target your performance goals. We offer training options for individuals and for groups/teams as well as community classes! 


Sports Massage

Recognizing the challenges of muscle tension and physical strain, our sports massage therapy is crafted for athletes and individuals seeking relief. Experience targeted techniques to alleviate tightness, enhance flexibility, and rediscover the joy of a revitalized, balanced body.

Meet The Team at Runners' Edge Alaska

At Runners’ Edge, we work as a team. Each team player has roles, but we are here to help each other succeed and work together to provide the highest level of care possible to our clients. We strive to grow as individuals as well as a company. And that is what sets us apart from other clinics. This is us!

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