Recharge Faster, Play Harder: A Sports PT’s Guide for Alaska’s Weekend Warriors

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the irresistible call of adventure! Any fellow weekend warriors getting ready for their next outdoor escapade? Whether you’re gearing up to conquer the trails, shred the slopes, or brave the wilderness, one thing’s for sure – recovery is the name of the game to keep the adventure alive.

We’ve all been there, right? Alaska blesses us with a sunny weekend, we go all out, and then come Monday, we hit a wall, taking the whole week to recover. As a sports physical therapist, I’ve seen firsthand the toll that intense activities can take on the body. But fear not, because I’ve got your back with a comprehensive guide to bouncing back faster and stronger than ever before.

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Strength Training: Progressing Load and Embracing BFR

Strength is the foundation of resilience. For weekend warriors, progressive strength training is key. We suggest incorporating at least 2 days of strength training a week between weekend activites. 

Short on time during the week and struggle to find time to hit the gym? We get it– you are busy and sometimes its hard to fit in strength training. So, let’s talk about a game-changer: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. By strategically restricting blood flow to the muscles during low-load resistance exercises, BFR enhances muscle growth and accelerates recovery. It’s a secret weapon for those craving efficiency in their workouts, perfect for the time-strapped Alaskans.

Strength and Conditioning BFR

Mobility Matters: Unlocking Range of Motion

Incorporating mobility exercises into your routine ensures that your body moves freely and efficiently. Whether it’s dynamic stretches before hitting the slopes or yoga sessions after work, prioritize mobility to prevent injuries and enhance performance. 

The Power of Z's: Prioritize Sleep for Recovery

In the land of the midnight sun, quality sleep becomes even more precious. Sleep is when your body undergoes repair and regeneration. Aim for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to optimize recovery and wake up ready to seize the day’s adventures.

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Hydration: Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Proper hydration is non-negotiable for optimal performance and recovery. We love brining hydration vests along for long weekend activites for the easy access to water. Regular water bottles work great too, just make sure you are sipping regularly, especially at higher altitudes, hot days, or during prolonged activities.

Sports Massage and NormaTec Compression Therapy: Treat Your Muscles Right

After a grueling adventure, your body might start talking to ya. Two of our favorite ways to give our bodies the RNR they deserve are through sports massage and NormaTec compression therapy. Sports massage eases muscle tension, improves blood flow, and promotes relaxation. Meanwhile, NormaTec’s dynamic compression technology enhances circulation, reduces inflammation, and expedites recovery, leaving you refreshed and ready for your next escapade. Sports Massage give wonderful benefits but NormaTec is a great option for those short on time, and are on a budget!


Foam Rolling and Dry Needling: Tackle Tension Head-On

For those stubborn knots and tight spots, foam rolling and dry needling are your allies. Foam rolling is a D.I.Y way to help release muscle tension and improve flexibility, while dry needling (administered by a physical therapist) targets trigger points with precision, alleviating pain and restoring optimal muscle function. We suggest foam rolling regularly and if the tension becomes out of hand, give your PT a call to discuss dry needling! 

Take a look inside a dry needling session at Runners’ Edge HERE.

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Recovery Essentials: From Naboso, Muscle MX CBD, Thorne Supplements.

Equip yourself with the finest recovery tools and supplements for peak performance. Naboso foot health products, including the innovative Neuro Ball and Splays, optimize foot function and proprioception, crucial for navigating Alaska’s rugged terrain. We are also a fan of Muscle MX CBD products for natural pain relief and accelerated recovery. We also trust Thorne supplements to replenish nutrients and support your body’s recovery processes. Check out our Retail Corner for some of our favorite recovery products!

Muscle MX CBD Balms and Lotions 350mg
Naboso Technology Neuro Ball


We are spoiled by Alaska’s playground and are here to help our active community embrace every adventure this summer! As you push your limits and reach new mountain peaks, remember to honor your body’s need for recovery. Learn more about Sport Recovery Services offered here at Runenrs’ Edge HERE. Our summer weekends are short lived, so let’s make the most of them! 


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