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Products to help you keep you moving and feeling your best approved by Sports Physical Therapists

Naboso Technology Products

Naboso is leading the way in foot health products. Their patented technology stimulates the nervous system, enhance movement and improves foot health.
Naboso Technology Splay
Restores natural range of motion of the toes, improving function and recovery of the foot.
Naboso Technology Insoles
Activation, Performance, and Neuro–there’s an option for everyone! Each insole offers a different level of stimulation, aiding in the prevention of pain and fatigue after long days or countless miles on your feet.
$55 original price
on sale for $27.50
Naboso Technology Standing Mat
Activates the muscles of the feet while standing, helping to minimize pain and fatigue. A great way to start or end the day! Pro tip: use this at your standing desk or in front of your sink.
Naboso Technology Neuro Ball
Resets your feet at the end of the day or after a long workout, massaging the muscles of the foot and helping to eliminate discomfort in the arch of the foot.
Naboso Technology Standing Mat
A great way to incorporate nerve stimulation into your single-leg stability training!

Muscle MX CBD Products

Whether you’re a dedicated fitness enthusiast or someone looking to balance your endocannabinoid system, CBD can make for the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Muscle MX CBD Balms and Lotions

Whether you’re looking for something pre-or-post workout, we’ve got you covered! The heating and cooling properties of the Activate and Recovery balms aid in mobility and pain management, while the Restore lotion provides a deep penetrating relief.
Muscle MX CBD Gummies 1
Mini Balm (70mg) – $19
Balm (350mg) – $39
Muscle MX CBD Balms and Lotions 300mg
Lotion (300mg) – $25

Muscle MX CBD Gummies

Whether you are looking for a state of happiness, tranquility, or heightened focus, we’ve got the gummy for you. 3 types to choose from: Bliss, Relax and Energy- Made with all natural ingredients, vegan and gluten-free, broad spectrum CBD (0% THC)
Muscle MX CBD Gummies 2
Bliss (50mg) – $25
Relax and Energy (25mg) – $19

Normatec & Hyperice

Normatec Go
Made specifically for the calves, Normatec Go provides a compressive massage that enhances circulation to help minimize pain and inflammation. Take it with you on the go!
Activate, Release and Warm up your muscles with powerful vibration in the compact hypershere. Your muscles will thank you!
$79 original price
on sale for $39.50
Hyper Volt
The ultimate percussion massager. Offers on-th-go massage to help with muscle tension, knots and trigger points. It helps athletes warm up quicker before activity, and recover quicker after. It’s not a regular massage gun, it’s for go-getters like you!
Venom Back
The perfect combination of heat and vibration to warm up and sooth sore lower back muscles