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“Set a goal and crush it!”

Tips on success from Runners’ Edge Athlete Ambassador, Kaylee Wilcox

The new year brings excitement, goals, new beginnings, and more light for fellow Alaskans. It’s a time of change and growth, a time to be better.I love the resolution and goals aspect of the new year. I think it’s always refreshing to have a new start each year, a reset. It feels good to realign and focus. The hardest part is figuring out how to keep that focus and motivation throughout the whole year. Wouldn’t it be great to be constantly 100% motivated?

I am a big advocate for setting goals. Especially for training for big events like The Therapeuo Thousand. Here’s how I stay motivated:

Make a plan

When I set my goals each year, I come up with a plan to follow through with that goal. Plans are key to achieving goals. You wouldn’t see someone running a marathon without doing specific training to get there or see someone play a song on the piano if they’ve never touched a piano before.

Work backwards and be specific

When creating a plan to achieve the goals or resolutions I have, I work backwards. What is the goal or achievement? After that I create steps to get there. Sometimes that’s as simple as a one-step plan, other times it takes months of progression. Being honest in the steps is important. If you’re unrealistic with your steps you may not be able to achieve or stay motivated in your goals.

Finally, START

Finally, I create a starting point, something easy that can be checked off to make you feel a progression. This starting point is what will set the tone for achieving the rest of your plan. Staying motivated to be better is so much easier when it’s all laid out for you to achieve!

Then crush it!

Follow Kaylee and The Comfort Zone as they train for a trek around Vancouver Island via Kayak and Bike to collect a total of 1000KMs. The journey will help female survivors of childhood sexual assault heal through the gifted #TimeToHeal retreat.

Check it out!

We are so thrilled to be a part of Kaylee’s journey as she works towards this BIG goal. Through Physical Therapy, wellness check-ins, and sports massage, we make sure she is getting the treatment she needs toperform at her best!

Do you have big races and goals this year? Contact us today to speak with a specialist and find out if our services can help you succeed!


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