Shin Splint Blaster II

For Teenage Athletes Transitioning from Winter to Spring Sports

Teen athletes are at a risk of shin splints during the transition of winter to spring time sports. After a full winter of skiing, tendons of the lower leg are stressed when athletes get into running too quickly.

Shin splints are a painful and debilitating condition that can hamper the season. When not recognized and treated, it can progress to medial tibial stress syndrome and eventually to stress fracture, which means the end of the season and rest for several months.

To keep our high school athletes up and running (no pun intended), Runners’ Edge has designed a small group class specifically for teenage athletes to improve sports-specific strength, performance, and prevent shin splints!

We will meet 1x/week for 6 weeks. Each week’s class will have a specific and unique focus that builds upon the week before for safe and effective progression. Class size is limited to 10-participants to allow individualized one-on-one attention from our specialist.

Most importantly, this class is designed to be FUN! Sign up as an individual and meet others who share your passion for track and field, or ask a teammate to join you!

Class Schedule:

Meet your Coach:

All 6- sessions are taught and designed by Runners’ Edge’s Clinical Director, Zuzana Rogers, PT, ScD, SCS, COMT– A running specialist physical therapist with 16 years of experience working with elite athletes! She has helped many clients prevent and overcome shin splints allowing them to perform optimally and continue enjoying the activities they are passionate about… for life!

Learn more about Zuzana HERE

*ZUZANA IN THE NEWS* : Alaska physical therapist is one of USST’s secret weapons in Beijing

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What To Bring:

Workout clothes, Water bottle, Indoor gym shoes/sneakers, and your motivation! Parents are welcome to come and watch and learn.

Total Price For All The Above: $149

Unsure if this program is right for you?

We offer FREE 20-minute phone consultations with our specialists who can answer your questions and make sure the Small Group PT Program is a good fit! 

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Let’s Make the 2022 Running Season the Best One Yet! Space is Limited!!!