Strong Strides 2.0

Building Better Runners

Our original 6-Week Small Group PT Series just got REVAMPED! We had so much fun in the first series of Strong Strides, we’re going for ROUND 2… only better! 

We are offering TWO classes in this series to provide more personalized experience to help you reach your goals! Both classes will be held on Wednesday evenings OUTSIDE at the Abbott Loop Community Park. 

  • Strong Strides Level I:
    1. This class is perfect for beginner to intermediate runners
    2. Athletes in this class may be training for their first 5 or 10k, are just getting back into running after some time off, or have completed Strong Strides 1.0 and want to keep working on their skills. 
    3. The goal of this class is to learn the basic skills required to run effectively and injury-free. Including: 
      1. Running mechanics to perfect your form
      2. Running specific strengthening to prevent injury
      3. Running specific techniques to progress your way to Strong Strides Level II!
    4. The series will progress the athlete to increasing endurance safely through running specific strengthening, mobility drills and aerobic training.
  • Strong Strides Level II:
    1. This class is perfect for intermediate- advanced runners who want to take their skills to the next level! 
    2. Athletes in this class can run a 5-10k confidently, may already be in training for a 10k-to-full marathon or trail race, and/or have graduated from Strong Strides 1.0. 
    3. The goal of this class is to elevate your baseline strength and conditioning for running maintenance and injury prevention… and to ROCK the race(s) your are signed up for 😉 
    4. The series will progress the athlete to increasing load safely through interval and resistance training, along with running specific strength and POWER training.

We will meet 1x/week for 6 weeks. Each week’s class will have a specific and unique focus that builds upon the week before for safe and effective progression. Eash class is limited to 15-participants to allow individualized one-on-one attention from your coach. Sign up as an individual and meet others who share your passion for running, or ask your running buddy to join you!

Class Schedule:

  • Start Date: June 29th, 2022
  • End Date: August 3rd, 2022
  • Day/Time: Every Wednesday
    Strong Strides Level 1: 5-6PM
    Strong Strides Level 2: 6-7 PM
  • Location: Abbott Loop Community Park

Wondering if this series is right for you?

  • Do you love to run?
  • Tired of taking time off, miss races, or pass on a trail run with your friends because of injury/pain?
  • Do you want to run faster, further, and stronger?
  • Do you want to train with an expert in a group setting, but still get individualized attention and suggestions?
  • Do you want to make this running season, your best one yet and with a lesser risk of injury?

Then this class is for YOU!

Meet your Coach:

Our Strong Strides- Small Group PT Series Coach- Natalie Snyder, DPT, PT, OCS, CSCS

Natalie is a Sports Specialist Physical Therapist, and a Running & Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Natalie has expert experience as a therapist and coach and has worked with runners from all over the Nation (from the recreational to elite levels!) to help them reach their goals. It is her passion to help athletes reach their goals and continue doing the activities they love… FOR LIFE!

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  • All participants must be non-restricted to exercise. Check with your orthopedic physician if you are unsure or contact us to inquire about other services you may benefit from that can progress you towards the group class.
  • If you are currently dealing with an injury and are not yet cleared by your physician to run, you should not participate in this class. Give us a call so we can help you!

What To Bring:

Workout clothes (dress for the weather), water bottle, running shoes, and your motivation!

Total Price For All The Above: $149


Strong Strides (Level 1):

Strong Strides (Level 2):

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Unsure if this series is right for you, or which class is right for you?

We offer FREE 20-minute phone consultations with our running specialist who can answer your questions and make sure the Small Group PT Program is a good fit! 

Or call: (907) 929-9009