Success Stories

| Scott Bailey,

Able to Ski 3 Months After Total Shoulder Replacement

| Alaskan Skier

Able To Return To Her Favorite Activities

| Pam T.

“COVID has had an impact on all of our lives. Working in the medical community I feel that I have not done a good job of taking care of me the past two years. I love to run and yet all of a sudden, I was working more and more hours and not doing the thing I loved. I met Natalie about 5 weeks ago and she has helped me implement a training schedule that fits into my busy life. With this new schedule, I have the opportunity to work out on “my time”. In just the 5 weeks I have worked with her I have not only gained strength but my balance is improved and I am feeling much better overall. I would highly recommend this program to all but especially women who need to incorporate strength training into their regimen.”

| Steve Wilson,

Alaska Biathlon Association

“Zuzana’s talk and demonstration on injury prevention was timely and the right combination demonstration and lecture to send the message home. In addition to the practical advice Zuzana gave, her presence and credentials at our camp sent a message to US Biathlon that Alaska is where the action is.”

| Tim Burke,

4 Time Biathlon Olympian

“Zuzana Roger’s injury prevention presentation during the Alaska Biathlon Camp was timely and immensely appropriate for these up and coming athletes. ​Zuzana’s presentation was packed with useful information and it was presented in an engaging and hands-on manner. I would highly recommend this program”

| Scott Bailey,

Cross Country Skiing 3 Months

“Zuzana, I am so grateful that you worked with me prior to my shoulder surgery to strenghten the area around it. Post surgery physical therapy with you was even better to get me back to XC skiing fitness. My goal was to XC ski by mid-January 2021. I attribute being able to XC 3 months and 3 weeks after surgery to the plan from Runners Edge. Thank you for all you’ve done”

| Frederic Wilson,

“I’ve met with Zuzana a couple of time and her attention to me and my concerns has been phenomenal. The exercise she has suggested have had a rapid impact and resulted in much improvement. I recommend Runners’ Edge highly.”

| Seth Downs,

“Zuzana diagnosed and treated what I knew to be another season ending injury with expertise and efficiency. If you are suffering from a cross country skiing injury and are seeking relief, your money will be well spent seeking out her help.”

| Shannon Brockman,

“Zuzana is a wonderful PT and has helped me work through multiple sports related injuries over the years (shoulder, feet, hips). I’d highly recommend her as a PT, especially during Covid with her attention to detail and best practices.”

| Klaire Rhodes,

Ultra Marathon & Mountain Runner

“I first saw Zuzana at Runner’s Edge Alaska over a year ago for a running-related injury and was immediately impressed by her expertise. As a competitive runner who runs high mileage, I appreciate that my PTs understand my goals as an athlete and do so much more than just tell me to rest. I love that Runner’s Edge comes to my home and is always able to see me almost right away. Over the past year, I’ve seen both Zuzana and Natalie for various small injuries, and each one has been resolved after following their prescribed programs. I always leave each appointment feeling like I have a better understanding of my body and its mechanics. I have recommended Runner’s Edge to several friends — and they have all had success as well! I owe so much gratitude to Zuzana and Natalie for keeping me healthy so I can keep running and racing!”

| A Thankful Mother

“Runners’ Edge Alaska is outstanding! Our 15-year-old daughter tore her ACL in March 2020 and Zuzana has been there every step of the way. For every pre-op and post-op PT session Zuzana had a detailed exercise plan that was structured personally for our daughter to attain the greatest benefit for each specific day of training. Zuzana is an expert on, and utilizes the latest technologies like Blood Flow Restriction Therapy to help achieve an earlier and quicker recovery which reduces the time to return to sport. Zuzana is kind and encouraging and because she is an athlete herself she knows what buttons to push, and how hard push, to achieve the most in a positive way even on days that our daughter felt sluggish or weak. Zuzana dedicated herself to every interaction and even catered to our need to come to our house for therapy for the first few months of rehab. Zuzana even attended some soccer practices to evaluate and advise our coach what drills and exercises our girl could and should perform. Our daughter has made amazing progress and is substantially ahead in her recovery and we contribute her success to Zuzana and her Runners’ Edge team.”

| Wendy Doran

I have been working with Natalie who is a gifted physical therapist and a pleasure to work with. She’s been helping me rehab a knee injury and I’m learning so much about how best to care for my body as it heals. I felt very discouraged after seeing a surgeon who basically told me there wasn’t anything he could do for me. Natalie has given me hope that I will completely heal. She’s very knowledgeable and helpful. Five stars to this wonderful business! Highly recommend.

| Taylor Turney

“As a competitive runner working a 9-5 desk job, small niggles and injuries had become a new normal for me. I rarely felt 100% healthy. After one session with Zuzana, she quickly diagnosed the source of my issues and set me on a custom, easy to follow stength/rehab plan. My rapid improvement and reduced pain sitting at work has increased my quality of life tremendously!! I’m so thankful for the team at Runner’s Edge.”

| Becky Hauser

“This is the kind of PT I need for my body to do what I want it to do. Zuzana’s thorough evaluation and effective approach to treatment allows me to keep running, skiing, playing, working, etc . Runner’s Edge appointments and scheduling is easy and doing PT in my home works with our hectic schedule.”

| Tanner Johnson

“Zuzana’s approach to the body, mechanics, and really finding the best fix for what is going on is unparalleled. Easily the best experience I’ve had with PT. And she’s really rad.”

| Mike F.

“I hike and backpack in the Adirondack mountains often, it was all easy and fun until climbing steep elevations started to become more difficult on my knees and I felt I was slowing down. I thought I needed to run more, until Natalie and I spoke when she was in town visiting. She explained the best way to train for hiking is with strength training before I build up my endurance.

Attending a fitness gym was new to me, Natalie created a program for me to build muscular strength and stamina. Last weekend, I backpacked up one of the high peaks to collect my winter 46 peaks, and my knees and leg strength held up so well and I felt like I could go for another hike the next day. This was a great result and I’m glad she got me into fitness and lifting.

While we worked remotely via Telehealth, I used her lifting technique videos so I knew how to properly do each exercise. We had weekly video chat sessions, and she made individualized modifications in my program each week, and the accountability got my snowball rolling. I’m much more confident with lifting in the gym, running, and hiking. Thanks, Natalie!”

| Patti C

“I originally reached out to Runners Edge Alaska because of an ankle injury I sustained during marathon training. Zuzana and Natalie are both knowledgeable and easy to work with. With their encouragement and expertise, I overcame my injury and completed that marathon. I am now working on a 4-week strength training program with Natalie. She customizes workouts to each individual’s needs and goals. I enjoy the demonstration videos that Natalie provides for each exercise. I have new confidence in the gym that I had not possessed before. “

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| Christina Gerber

“Zuzana is Incredibly gifted. She has years of knowledge of physical therapy techniques for all levels of injury. She Is an athlete herself and trains top performing athletes in AK, so I felt lucky to be in her care. Zuzana was a miracle worker on my injured knee and gave me a plan for for healing and prevention of future injury. I was so impressed I sought her out immediately for an shoulders injury a few years later. I just know I’m in the best care with her.”

| Alicia Ferratusco

“Had 8 sessions with Natalie for a neck/shoulder injury and issues with my left hip. Natalie helped me A LOT, both through deep tissue massage and targeted exercises. My pain level has decreased significantly and I feel that I now have the tools and exercises I need to get my body back into alignment. I worked with PTs in the past, but nobody was able to really me figure this out before. I highly recommend doing PT with Natalie, especially if you have a complex set of issues like I had.”

| A.K.

“I saw Natalie at Runner’s Edge for their 8 Week at-home PT Guided Exercise program. She created a workout program to build strength and muscle that I could do without having to go to a gym. She came to my house and saw what I had available to me (like free weights, bands, stairs, etc) and created a personal plan for me. She helped me shape my nutrition to better fuel myself and my muscle growth, and helped me modify and plan for when I was away from home (camping, etc).
I am in my early 40s and am interested in addressing the muscle and bone loss that can happen at this age. Natalie was so knowledgeable about working with female physiology and how our hormonal cycles can affect our training. I am an active person, but not an athlete in a particular sport, and she was able to explain the reasoning behind her suggestions. She was particular about my posture for weight lifting and had some very helpful adjustments to address any discomfort that arose.
I’m feeling great and have no injuries! I’ve noticed improved mood and my pants are fitting better, although weight loss was not my goal. Natalie was so positive, encouraging, and cheerful in each of our sessions, both in-person and virtual. I’m grateful for her guidance and for getting me organized in a way that was tailored to my needs, timeframe, and ability.”

| A Dedicated Runner

“I worked with Natalie Snyder after sustaining a running injury earlier this year. With just 6 weeks of targeted, recovery exercises and form correction, I was back on my feet pain-free! The results surpassed my every expectation. I opted to continue working with Natalie to prevent future injury, enrolling in a specialized, 4-week intensive strength and fitness program. Natalie built a training program to fit my lifestyle, mindful of my individual schedule, with flexibility to fine-tune and make adjustments weekly. Every fitness activity includes video instructions, with detailed coaching on technique by Natalie herself. In addition to the high-caliber training plan, Natalie includes nutrition and hydration goals, offers insight into effects of hormones on fitness, and emphasizes the ‘intangibles’ in overall wellness. Her knowledge, education, experience and passion for helping others makes her hands down one of the BEST in the field.”

| Laurie R.

“Do you believe in angels? After you work with Zuzana Rogers you will! Anybody will benefit from her expertise in movement mechanics and healing knowledge. Zuzana works with you until the job is done. If what you need it isn’t in her toolbox already, she will discover it for you and with you. Her positivity is magical. She listens, she understands and most importantly she believes in you until you are strong enough to take over the job again yourself. Not only has she helped me learn how to walk again after my traumatic leg injury—- today—- because of Dr. Rogers & her sharing BFR training with me—- I went for a steep hilly five km trail run with my teenage daughter. I couldn’t be happier and if you seek out her wisdom You and Your Body WILL BE!”

| John Wood,

Septuagenarian Racer

“I competed in a couple of my favorite local ski races, although fitness was an issue. I experienced lapses in proprioception caused by my knee’s replacement – I would plant a pole on a ski and suddenly fall.

About 15 months after the replacement, I begin to see Dr. Zuzana Rogers to receive treatment for lingering body imbalances, proprioception issues, and muscle pains in my left knee area. Dr. Rogers skillfully diagnosed the root cause of most of my problems and devised specific physical therapy routines as treatment. My training continued to go well, and by March I was as fit as I was going to be! It would be fun to do the World Masters Championships again someday. I now know that my new knees are not my limitation.”

Excerpt from, Master Minds: Life at 71 on Two Artificial Knees: 2019 World Masters… Read the whole article here!

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