Tendon Thaw-Out

Strength Training for Bulletproof Running

Welcome to our 6-week challenge designed specifically for runners aiming to tackle Springtime with strong tendons and prevent common running injuries like shin splints, Achilles tendon pain, plantar fascia discomfort, and other lower limb tendon issues. This small group PT class series is your ticket to hitting the ground running once the snow melts!

Class Details:

    • Start Date: March 18th
    • End Date: April 22nd
    • Make-up Class: April 29th
    • Day/Time: Mondays, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
    • Location: Runners’ Edge Alaska
    • Group Size: Limited to 8 participants

Why should runners care about their tendons? 

As sports and running expert physical therapists, we can confidently say that prioritizing your tendon health is essential for enhancing your running performance. Why? Well, consider these reasons:

  1. Tendons endure significant loads during running, particularly the Achilles Tendon, which supports 6-7 times the body weight alone.
  2. After months of snow sports, the transition back to running can increase the load on our tendons, making us more prone to injuries come Spring.
  3. Ignoring tendon issues like shin splints can escalate to bone stress fractures, disrupting training for over 8 weeks.
  4. Pain from Achilles tendon and plantar fascia issues can significantly impede your running goals. These discomforts not only affect your performance but can also lead to compensatory movements, altering your gait and potentially causing additional strain on other parts of your body.

Not to mention, without robust tendons, we wouldn’t be able to spring forward or stride quickly and confidently while running. If you aim to run faster and avoid injuries, prioritize your tendon health!

Class Focus:

Our 6-week challenge focuses on gradual tendon loading to fortify your tendons, ensuring readiness for the demands of running. With a targeted approach to prevent shin splints, Achilles tendon pain, plantar fascia discomfort, and other lower limb tendon issues, we’ll support your smooth transition from winter sports to springtime running.

Who Should Join:

  • Runners who’ve experienced shin splints, Achilles tendon, plantar fascia pain, or other tendon related issues in previous running seasons.
  • Runners seeking to enhance agility and speed.
  • Individuals concerned about recurring tendon pain and unsure about the most effective preventative exercises.
  • Those transitioning from winter sports to spring/summer running. (AKA skiing to running) 
  • Participants must be non-restricted to exercise.

What to Expect:

Our 6-week challenge meets 1x/ week for 6 weeks (with one make up class offered on the 7th week). Each class focuses on progressively building strength and load tolerance, particularly in the lower legs, feet, and ankles. Additionally, sessions include valuable insights into injury prevention strategies, recovery optimization, and recommendations to enhance tendon health. We keep the class size small so you get one-on-one attention from our experts. 

Class Schedule:

  • Week 1: Individualized hip, foot & ankle mobility and strength screen to identify areas of weakness and/or imbalances
  • Weeks 2-6: Sessions will gradually intensify, focusing on strength, power, and tolerance to repetitive impact. Each class provides information on modifying footwear, nutrition, rest, recovery, and running techniques to minimize tendon pain.


  • Only $210 for all 6 classes!  

** Early Bird Registration Bonus!**

  • Sign up before March 11th and receive: 
    • 20% off one Naboso Foot Health Item OR Thorne Tendon Support Supplement 
    • Unlimited NormaTec Compression Therapy sessions throughout the challenge! 

Don’t let tendon issues derail your running goals! Join our Tendon Thaw-Out 6-week challenge and stride confidently into the spring season. 

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Tendon Thaw Out Runners Edge AK

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