"We Empower Active Alaskans Of All Ages To Return To What They Love, Safely and Effectively... For Life."

People Who We Help Include…

Who can’t imagine taking hours out of their day to travel to another appointment outside of work or home life

Who juggle school or club sports with homework, schoolwork, and hanging out with friends

Who are anxious to return to the active life they love after an injury or surgery

who want to train optimally around their menstrual cycle, or overcome menopause and associated hormone-triggered muscle and bone loss

Who are willing to be an active participant in their care and overall health

Who are in pain and concerned that physical limitation might threaten their performance goals

Who are looking to find a safe, efficient way to increase training and performance

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Runners' Edge Alaska in Anchorage, AK...

| Laurie R.

“Do you believe in angels? After you work with Zuzana Rogers you will! Anybody will benefit from her expertise in movement mechanics and healing knowledge. Zuzana works with you until the job is done. If what you need it isn’t in her toolbox already, she will discover it for you and with you. Her positivity is magical. She listens, she understands and most importantly she believes in you until you are strong enough to take over the job again yourself. Not only has she helped me learn how to walk again after my traumatic leg injury—- today—- because of Dr. Rogers & her sharing BFR training with me—- I went for a steep hilly five km trail run with my teenage daughter. I couldn’t be happier and if you seek out her wisdom You and Your Body WILL BE!”

| John Wood,

Septuagenarian Racer

“I competed in a couple of my favorite local ski races, although fitness was an issue. I experienced lapses in proprioception caused by my knee’s replacement – I would plant a pole on a ski and suddenly fall.

About 15 months after the replacement, I begin to see Dr. Zuzana Rogers to receive treatment for lingering body imbalances, proprioception issues, and muscle pains in my left knee area. Dr. Rogers skillfully diagnosed the root cause of most of my problems and devised specific physical therapy routines as treatment. My training continued to go well, and by March I was as fit as I was going to be! It would be fun to do the World Masters Championships again someday. I now know that my new knees are not my limitation.”

Excerpt from, Master Minds: Life at 71 on Two Artificial Knees: 2019 World Masters… Read the whole article here!

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