Here’s why Naboso products are our favorite and most recommended performance accessories

There are a ton of products on the market for sport recovery- from Theraguns to bio-freeze to foam rollers. Deep pressure, topical creams, and rolling out may help with muscle tension, but what about addressing the nerves located throughout our entire body that are responsible for sending stimuli to our brains that then tell our bodies how to respond (movement, muscle release and relaxation, ect.)?

Naboso products do both! Keep reading to find out why Naboso products are our favorite and why they are our most recommended performance accessories! 

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Did you know that we have thousands of mechanoreceptors (small nerves) in our feet alone? These sensory receptors tell our body to stand tall, find balance while walking on uneven surfaces, and participate in activities that require dynamic movements. 

After years of wearing shoes, deconditioning, or just through the natural aging process, our mechanoreceptors lose sensation which can lead to poor bio-feedback (signals from our brain that tells our body how to move and react), poor circulation (cold toes!), and neuropathies (tingles or loss of sensation). 

Naboso’s products use unique evidence based technology that can help in many ways including: 

  • Tissue recovery
  • Reaction to different stimuli  including, “texture, vibration, skin stretch, deep pressure, and light touch”
  • Restore the natural function of the foot
  • Improve posture
  • Prepare the body for movement by activating muscles and controlling impact forces

All the above helps us run, hike, bike and play pain-free! Hence, Naboso products are our favorite! Keep reading to find out which products our PTs recommend, and how to use them.

So, what's the big deal about Naboso Technology?

These products not only look cool, but like we mentioned, they have advanced technology that can actually help you perform better! 

The products are made with a specific hardness and textured with tiny “spikes” that are scientifically spaced for optimal points of contact with the foot that will stimulate the mechanoreceptors. 


Naboso products we LOVE!

The products below are highly recommended by our PTs! Which product(s) can help you? 



What do Splays do? 

Splays are toe spreaders. They work by restoring the natural range of motion in the toes, which can prevent foot injuries! 

Who can benefit from Splays? 

Splays are great for those who are prone to blisters, have a history of bunions/plantar fascia issues, or spend lots of time in shoes (so everyone)!

How to use Splays? 

If you are new to toe spreaders, start by wearing your splays for 10-20 minutes,  2x per day. Gradually increase the amount of time wearing them. A few of our clients have worked their way up and now wear them all through the night! 



What does the Neuroball do?

Meet the most dynamic and versatile product on the market for foot relief! The Neuroball is your 3-in-one solution! 

With the option of one full ball or two half domes, it acts as a massage tool to release the muscles of your feet. Not to mention the small ball inside that targets acute muscle release and sensory stimulation!

Who can benefit from a Neuroball? 

After a long day on your feet at work, a training run, or time hiking in the mountains, take your shoes off and roll! 

How to use your Neuroball?

Add this into your routine: 

  1. Roll your feet out with the larger ball (30-60 seconds each foot, 2-3x) 
  2. Break the ball into it’s two half domes. Stand on top of the dome one foot at a time and work your way to both feet at once! (30-60 seconds each, 2-3x)
  3. Now, let’s aid to foot strength! Grip the small ball between your toes to pick it up off the ground. Release, and repeat (1 minute each, 2-3x) 

Standing Mat

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IMG 0001.HEIC scaled

What does the Standing Mat do? 

If you have a stand-up desk at work, we applaud you. But we have to ask… do you ever have foot, hip, knee, and back pain after a full day in the office? It could be from the way you are standing… and what you are standing on! 

Standing on a Naboso mat is a quick way to keep your feet engaged and help you stand more comfortably. 

Who can benefit from a Standing Mat?

Desk workers and athletes before a workout or at the end of the day. 

Pro-tip: our PTs have them under their bathroom sink so they can stand on them as they brush their teeth! 

How to use your Standing Mat: 

Of course, you can simply stand on the mat for its benefits but get even more bang for your buck by doing the following barefoot exercises to achieve increased foot activation: 

Toe Yoga: Lift your big toes only, hold for 3 seconds, put them down. Then lift the smaller toes only. Aim for 2 sets of 10-20 reps. 

Next level: Try it standing on one foot! 



How do Insoles work? 

Naboso insoles allow the nerves on your feet to be stimulated throughout the day, sending messages throughout your body to let you know how to react to the surfaces you are standing on.

Who can benefit from Insoles? 

There are 3 different types of Noboso Insoles, each with a different focus. 

  • Activation Insole: For everyday use (mid stimulation).  Plus, they feel amazing! 
  • Performance Insole: For exercise and dynamic movements (light stimulation).   They help athletes react faster and play stronger. 
  • Neuro Insole: For people with neurological issues or chronic foot pain (high stimulation). Helps increase or reclaim lost sensation. 

How to use Insoles?

Place these in your shoes and wear for as long as tolerated. Slowly add more time with each use.  The performance insoles can be worn at practice or during strength and conditioning training sessions. 

Naboso Kinesis Board

Naboso Kinesis Board

How does the Kinesis Board work? 

Improve your balance, coordination, and sensory stimulation with the Kinesis board! The pads on the bottom can be moved to adjust the level of difficulty. It doesn’t get easier, you just get better!   

Unlike your average wobble board, the Kinesis Board intentionally focuses on micro wobbles to stimulate the nerves of the ankle, creating faster joint position sense. It is made with Naboso’s famous texture platform so you can expect higher nerve stimulation. 

Who can benefit from the Kinesis Board? 

This board is the perfect training tool to add to a home exercise program for anyone who wants to improve and maintain their balance and coordination. Master athletes and post-operative patients who are cleared by a medical professional can benefit from routine use of the Kinesis Board! 

How to use the Kinesis Board

First off, be sure to take your socks off so you get the full effects of this board. Adjust the pads as needed and stand on top of the plat form with one foot. Let the balance game begin! Training balance on one leg is after all, how we use balance during our daily movements.  This is why the Kinesis Board is designed for one leg at a time.


Wondering which Naboso products can help you?

So, did you just get bit by the Naboso bug like our PTs? Still have questions about the products and how/if they can help you? Give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our specialists will listen to your goals and pair the right product to help you get there!  


Here’s to happy feet!


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